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Thursday, 24 January 2013


~~Que Pasa~~

Hola and Hi Everyone.

It has always been an interesting idea to blog and to learn a lot about the 'Blog World' and its benefits, however over the years past i lost touch. :(

It feels GREAT to be back, and now I am willing to explore as much as I can to improve my blogging.Guess you can say I got a little persuasion from my husband (who recently started blogging for the 1st time ever!!) haha... He has also somehow had a HUGE impact on my life....Literally!!!!  :) That includes many changes currently happening that I'm not sure I would be experiencing if he hadn't stepped into my life.     Tear ;(

I hope to make the best out of this experience. I can assure you that as time carries on you will get to know more and more about who this girl really is.

- I am not Spanish, Just love the Language and Culture

Ade B-Bjr

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